Air Fryer Naked Chicken Tenders (version 1)


Air Fryer Naked Chicken Tenders . These chicken tenders are low carb, keto friendly and gluten-free. Dip them in your favorite dipping sauce!


  • Semi-Exclusive recipe, (only 2 versions sold)
  • Word document including ingredients, direction, servings, time to make.
  • 2 ingredients photos (shared)
  • 11 in progress photos (shared)
  • 20+ final exclusive photos (Vertical and Horizontal)
  • Corsori air fryer used for in progress photos
  • Photos are shot in RAW and edited in Lightroom (~3000×5000 or 5000×3000 depending on photo orientation)
  • Once purchased you will receive a PDF with a link to the google drive where all the content is hosted
  • Due to the digital nature of this product, no refunds or exchanges are available.
  • You will receive the copyrights for the recipe and images, I may include 1-2 photos for my portfolio.

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